90 Days from Listing to Liveaboard

Many of you know that Janet and I are the proud owners of the first Krogen 50’ Open and that we spent nearly a month in the Spring of 2018 in the Bahamas. We enjoyed that time immensely as we did the two months we spent in New England aboard “Together” in the late Summer and the two months we spent aboard in Stuart, Florida, this past winter. Each time we went back to our house, we found ourselves less and less enchanted with our home of 21 years. There was a lot of sameness to everything about it, like the landscaping and the neighbors, whereas in our cumulative five months aboard, there was such variety.50' Open Aerial - 3

For me, the variety came in many forms, some things were obvious to me, and some subtle.  Neighbors, weather and general surroundings were some of the obvious differences. On the subtle side, I think back to my realization that instead of having a single office with a traditional desk, chair, and telephone, I had multiple offices.

50 Open office looking aft

Together has a physical office space located between the master and guest staterooms and I did find myself working there more than half of the time, but I also spent considerable time working from the pilothouse, and weather depending, the table in the cockpit or up on the flybridge. 60541228_10155905742681230_1732446892169625600_oI was amazed how the different locations contributed to my productivity. Truth be told, I also became acutely aware of how those locations could reduce productivity. Sitting on the flybridge in a crowed harbor I was like a Labrador Retriever with squirrels. I would see a boat out of the corner of my eye and my head would jerk in that direction. I quickly learned to reserve that locale for quiet anchorages!

It was during our time aboard this past winter that the plan was hatched to sell our house and, at least temporarily, become full time liveaboards. We flew back to Annapolis in February and began to get the house ready for sale. We took stock of our furniture and realized that there was not a lot of it to which we were emotionally attached, so rather than pay a ton to store it all (four bedrooms plus living room, dining room, breakfast room, rec room, family room, and patio) we decided that any furniture, artwork and miscellaneous things that we would not take to the boat would fit in a 10’ x 10’ storage unit. We then spent the better part of the next two months looking at everything in the house, including clothing, and deciding what to keep and what to donate or sell. We took a figurative lesson from Marie Kondo and adopted the mantra of “do I regularly use it or does it bring me joy” and if the answer was “no” then we donated it or sold it. During the process, I realized that I had 40 neckties and the only time I wear one is at a wedding or funeral. I now have five and that is probably two or three too many!


By mid-April, we felt we were sufficiently decluttered to list our house for sale.  We met with our realtor and signed the listing agreement on April 12. Exactly 90 days later, on July 10, 2019, we closed on the house and the Krogen 50’ Open “Together” became our new home. 

Larry & Janet - Roberto-854879-edited

Once a lifestyle only available to retirees, cell phones, laptops and WiFi enables so many different types of professionals to live aboard and cruise. Don't wait until retirement. As Benjamin Franklin wrote, "You may delay, but time will not" or, as a friend said in a more direct manner, "You will be dead a very long time".

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