Krogen 42' Crosses Atlantic Ocean!

Just as momentous as the accomplishment of Ken and Patty Sebby who arrived in Sydney Australia last week, I'm pleased to inform that the Richard Bost has arrived in Castletownbere, County of Cork, Ireland aboard his 1989 Krogen 42' "Dauntless". Richard and his wife Julie left Providence, Rhode Island on July 20, 2014 and after a brief fuel stop in Shelbourne, Nova Scotia, they arrived in the Azores on August 5, 2014.

After almost two weeks in the Azores, Dauntless once again put to sea, but this time only with Richard aboard. While their plan before they set out was for Julie to only make the first part of the journey due to work commitments, Richard had been working to find suitable crew. Finding none, he made a solo 10 day journey to Ireland arriving on August 29th at 01:30 AMand was greeted upon his arrival by two owners that have a home in Ireland. Now if that is not Krogen family, I don't know what is!


What was the trip like? We've included part of an email from Richard to John Gear, president of Kadey-Krogen Yachts:

"The last two days of the passage were the hardest of the entire trip, with 40kt winds and waves that got as high as 16 feet. D and I took a pounding, but the Krogen handled everything thrown at her and it was clear the outcome would have been the same even under far harsher conditions. Even with breaking waves on my beam, the hull form and rub rail worked to deflect the water down and away from the boat. My storm windows never even got tested. The high rise of the bow, never let water over the bow and only at the height of the storm, just hours from land, with 16' (5.4meter) waves hitting us broadside, the pilot house only got hit with white water once. With all the effort we put into making the lexan storm windows, I was a bit disappointed that they didn't get more of a test. But it's easy to say that now sitting here, safe & cozy in harbor. But to finally arrive here, under my own power, a bit battered, is really special."

Congratulations to Richard and Julie who have once again shown that a Kadey-Krogen is At Home on Any Sea.

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