Krogen 42' Takes on Northern Europe

Last summer we reported on the exciting Krogen 42' Atlantic Ocean crossing. Not ones to sit still for long, Richard Bost and his wife Julie will be on the move again, living aboard "Dauntless", this summer. This time their journey will be a 4,100 nautical mile circumnavigation of both the North and Baltic Seas.

Departing in late May, this voyage will consist of 72 legs, spread over 130 days. Major stops are planned in Jersey & Guernsey, English channel islands; Honfleur, France; Holland; Straslund, East Germany; Gdansk, Poland; Riga, Latvia; Tallinn, Estonia; Helsinki, Finland; Karlskrona, Sweden; Denmark; Norway; the Orkney's in Scotland; and Ireland. Planned mode of travel is 6.5 knots, consuming 1.5 gal/hr of fuel or 4.2 nm/gal (2 liters/km). The entire cruise will require approximately 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters) of fuel.
Europe map
"We like to cruise a full day and then stop for two nights," said Richard. "By cruising every other day, it allows the engine alternator to charge the batteries and also allows the engine to heat the water in the hot water tank. I am in the process of putting the water heater and washer on the inverter circuit (yes, we have a large battery bank), so the hot water heater can be run off the batteries on non-motoring days."

For charts, "Dauntless" is equipped with Jeppesen C-Map charts running on Coastal Explorer, plus Navionics on his tablet and smart phone. Richard will have large scale paper charts to facilitate the long range planning.

How will they remain in touch? International cell phone service is covered in most places, but like their last journey, Richard and Julie will have their Delorme InReach running all the time to keep a running track of the trip.

Richard said there's one thing he'll try to improve upon from his ocean crossing, "I will attempt to take better pictures, videos, and document the entire trip better for sharing."

Many thanks to Richard and Julie for keeping Kadey-Krogen Yachts posted on their exciting adventures!

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