Krogen 50' Open: Progress Report #4

Joinery drawings for our Krogen 50’ Open are now complete! Janet and I both love to cook, and we are really excited about how the galley turned out. Like many kitchens, the galley of our Krogen 50’ Open will be a very social space and the center of attention. Approximately 11 feet from the salon door, and 11 feet to the pilothouse helm, the galley is literally at the center of the upper living space.
50 GA-prelim_cr
Keeping with the “open” theme for the Krogen 50’ Open, the galley has amazing views both forward and aft. If you stand in the galley and face aft, you take in 180-degrees of open vistas. That’s right, from the galley you can see out both side windows as well as through the wide salon door aft. If you face forward, you have all the natural light coming in from the pilothouse since the top of the forward galley bulkhead (which is the back of the pilothouse settee) is only five feet high. Ah, the inspiration of the sea!

Last month, I wrote about how Janet and I took some of the features from our home bathroom renovation as inspiration for our master and guest heads. The same holds true for the galley. When we renovated our kitchen about ten years ago, we installed a breakfast bar. Over the years, we have found that while we have a kitchen table that seats six, we only use it when we have company. We prefer to eat all meals at the breakfast bar. When we first looked at the general arrangement for the Krogen 50’ Open, it appeared there would be enough room to add a breakfast bar to the galley counter. In the drawing below, you can see the bump out in the counter and the two bar stools.
bar area
We are currently investigating whether the stools will be free-standing (with a method to secure them in inclement weather) or on a swing arm attached to the cabinetry. Either way, we are excited this worked out.

While most of our design decisions have been based upon pure functionality, our 50’ Open will also have a functional storage solution that is just plain cool! A corner created by two intersecting counters always creates a storage problem. In homes, this is usually solved by either two doors perpendicular to each other with a lazy Susan inside or some fancy mechanism that allows shelving to pull out. Boat builders usually use these “dead spaces” for machinery such as air conditioners and provide access panels for maintenance or repair. This would not be a practical solution for us, as it would require removing the dishwasher just to clean the air conditioner filters. To further complicate matters, neither household storage solution is possible because the corner is created by the intersection of the cooking range and the dishwasher (see drawing below).
storage corner_cr
Enter Dave Glasco, our naval architect, who found a storage lift system made for just such a situation. With the touch of a button, a 21” x 15” x 33” storage system will rise from the counter. We’re probably going to call it our "appliance garage", as we will be able to fit a toaster, a blender and a full-size mixer, with room to spare. Here is a photo of a smaller version of the system.
popup storage
The other big decision in the galley for us, was what the storage would look like. We drew upon our own experience from our kitchen renovation where we found that drawers below the counter worked much better than cupboards with shelves. While most Kadey-Krogens have dish cabinets overhead, above the sink, the Krogen 50’ Open was designed without these cabinets to not block the open view from the salon to the pilothouse. At first glance, you might assume that without those cabinets, you lose storage, but actually the Krogen 50’ Open has the same amount of galley storage as the Krogen 52’. I could go into a lengthy discussion about how it is possible, but trust me, I measured it!
So, how are we going to outfit the space? Well, besides the appliance garage and the dishwasher already mentioned, under the main counter will also be a sponge drawer, a pull-out drawer for both trash and recyclables, and a cupboard for cookie sheets. There will also be a cabinet under the sink for cleaning supplies. Furthermore, we have planned for a primary storage pantry under the forward-facing counter, which we have divided into nine drawers of two different heights. The first two stacks of drawers will be dedicated to spices, cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes and glasses, flatware and napkins. The last stack of drawers will be canned and packaged goods. Next to the Sub -Zero refrigerator/freezer will be our secondary pantry space for other things, and it is about the same size as the primary pantry.

Lastly, my favorite feature of our galley is the 30-inch Wolf range with red knobs. Guys, if you don’t know what I am talking about and your spouse/significant other likes to cook, ask them about this appliance. Then, tell them someone is putting it on a Kadey-Krogen yacht. If owning a Kadey-Krogen is your dream and not shared by your better half, well…this may just be what turns the tide!
wolf range
That wraps it up for my fourth progress report. Stay tuned for the next installment, when I’ll cover more about equipment and construction. Until then, fair winds and following seas.


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