Together finds friends in the Bahamas

10 a.m., May 12, 2018, aboard Krogen 50' Open "TOGETHER"

Last I wrote, we were on our way to Great Sale Cay.  We only planned on spending one night there, anxious to get to the Abacos, but my post on Facebook elicited a response from friends that Janet and I had not seen in close to 15 years.  They would be at Great Sale the following night.  If that was not enough, four Krogens, Ariel, Gratitude, Lali and Way to Go, would also arrive about the same time.  We had to stay.  It was great to catch up with Don and Nina and hear about their three months down in Georgetown and that Nina was also working aboard!  Further affirmation that this can be done.   Unfortunately, the four Krogens did not arrive until nearly sunset so our visit was relegated to quick dingy visits to all that evening and the next morning before our departure.


Our intention the day we left Great Sale was to anchor off Spanish Cay and then head for Green Turtle Cay for a few days to explore the 200 plus year old settlement of New Plymouth.  Luck took a strange twist of fate when after several tries in several locations were not able to get the anchor to set.  Yes, I probably could have dove on the anchor and helped it set, but there were no other boats anchored off Spanish and through the binoculars, I could see many boats anchored off of nearby Powell Cay.  Perhaps they knew something we didn’t so we decided to head in their vicinity.

As we neared Powell we could see there were beautiful beaches (there were none at Spanish) and about a half dozen boats scattered, each at least 100 yards from the next, maybe more. We picked a spot away from the others yet still with a tremendous view and set the hook. 


Time for libations!


It was a gorgeous sunset.


While Powell was stunning, we were anxious to get to Green Turtle and experience our first Bahamian village.  We did vow to return to Powell at some point and spend a few days.


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