Together's First Bahamian Settlement

May 13, 2018, aboard Krogen 50' Open "TOGETHER"

Despite mother nature not cooperating, our visit to Green Turtle Cay did not disappoint. Everything we read and heard about the character of a Bahamian settlement was true. We stayed at the Leeward Yacht Club in Black Sound and despite its name, is not a private yacht club at all. The place has space for about 30 boats, a pool, a great outdoor restaurant and bar, and a few homes/cottages for rent. The only access to the island is by water.

20180512_095935We chose to stay at Leeward because Janet and I like to walk and it is only a 25-minute leisurely stroll into “town”. The other marinas, which might be a bit more upscale, are on White Sound, but that is several miles away and, therefore, too far to walk. The settlement of New Plymouth was settled in the 1780’s by American colonists loyal to the British crown and even today, parts retain a New England flavor. As we walked the narrow streets, it was easy to imagine what New Plymouth was like before electricity and automobiles came to the island.

While New Plymouth retains 100% of its old settlement charm, it does so with a mix of new and eclectic.  For instance, you will see a very old, classic settlement home with a cat lounging on the porch and then practically next door there will be a freshly painted and impeccably landscaped home.



Walking these same streets, that are home to a few hundred permanent residents, you will find the eclectic - an Asian food truck and a telephone phone booth with functioning telephone!  


20180513_115255Outside of town, there are miles of stunning beaches with the most interesting formations from millennia ago when sea levels where higher. Up close, some of these formations reminded me of Native American cliff dwellings.

If you study the photo below, you can see small snail shells which yield the true identity of this formation. 


20180513_120742 (2)

20180511_123927While somewhat remote, and considered one of the out islands, I can see why generations of families have lived here and died here since the eighteenth century. And even after they passed, the founding fathers of New Plymouth made sure they, and future generations, had a great view beyond!

We will definitely be returning to Green Turtle Cay.

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