Together goes to the "big city"

May 28, 2018, Aboard Krogen 50' Open "TOGETHER"

While we had a great time at the southern end of the Sea of Abaco, boating friends who we had not seen in almost 15 years were coming to Marsh Harbour on their boat for their owner’s group rendezvous and we really wanted to catch up with them, even if just for a few hours. At the recommendation of a few Krogen owners, we headed to Marsh Harbour Marina, a.k.a The Jib Room. Talk about a place having character, the Jib Room is the epitome of character. 20180528_110157 (2) The marina itself is certainly adequate, but you would not want to walk on the docks barefoot. (I know, you should never walk barefoot on the docks, but you get my point.) Shore-side though, is where it has that character. There’s a small pool right next to what I’ll call the bar/restaurant pavilion. It is mostly open-air, with burgees and stickers from every place imaginable, and drinks were cheap by Bahamian standards – seven bucks for a mixed drink. The Jib Room is definitely an old-school boaters bar.

20180525_134433-aWhile I know many people like Marsh Harbour, it’s the big city with "big" being a relative term. It has traffic lights, an international airport with commercial jet flights to destinations in Florida and the mid-Atlantic, and it has a real grocery store.  Maxwells grocery is as large as just about any grocery store in the States, with the difference being that many items were double the cost – eight or nine dollars for a box of crackers! Not even on the little island of St. John in the USVI where we recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary were items so expensive. The one pleasant surprise was the beautiful foliage that Janet was able to capture.

While walking into town one day, Janet had a craving for ice cream. We stopped at one place that had a sign out front, but were disappointed at their limited, bottom of the barrel selection, so I suggested  that we go to the little shop down the street that advertised homemade ice cream.  Once there, we asked what flavors they had and the gentleman behind the counter asked us to come back in an hour. We asked if he was still making the ice cream and again he asked us to come back in an hour. Hmm. With our question never answered and ice cream still on Janet’s brain, I checked Google Maps on my phone and found another place close by. Upon arrival, we inquired as to what flavors they had and received the response, “We are out and our shipment does not come in until sometime next week.” Janet was incredulous. This was the opening weekend of the summer busy season in the Abacos and no one had ice cream! Her quest was finally fulfilled at Maxwells (the grocery store) which sold maybe a dozen different flavors of tiny single serving containers of Haggen Daz. I told you it was a real grocery store.

20180526_191856On the topic of food, Janet and I have been enjoying both the galley and summer kitchen on board TOGETHER during our time in the Bahamas. In fact, writing this I realized that we have only eaten lunch out, cooking every dinner on board – grilled mahi with mango chutney, grilled burgers, chicken and steak, stir fry, and poached salmon just to name a few. While in Marsh Harbour, Janet prepared Moroccan Chicken Stir Fry which tasted as amazing as it looks. Those who think boating is like camping have never boated with us!

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