Together finds Treasure (Cay)

May 30, 2018, Aboard Krogen 50' Open "TOGETHER"

20180530_130118The Abacos have awesome scenery, both on land and at sea, however, with very few exceptions, the marinas and/or resorts surrounding these vistas are less than stellar. Treasure Cay is no exception and in fact, provides the most dramatic example. The beach at Treasure Cay has been rated one of the top 10 in the world. That’s right, one of the top 10 in the world. The beach is stunning. Two miles long, the sand looks and feels like it came out of a bag from Home Depot – fine white powder, almost dust-like. Janet and I could walk nearly a half-mile and not pass another person. I think one reason the beach is not crowded, at least from boaters, is that the shallow water in front of the beach extends out more than a mile, rendering it not a desirable anchorage for cruising boats.

20180529_164809The beach is across the street from Treasure Cay Marina and Golf Resort. The name sounds great on paper but we found the Marina to be run down with parts of docks missing completely and some boards so soft and springy that I was glad I lost weight since being in the Bahamas! Their outdoor coffee shop had amazing-looking coffee drinks on the board and doubled as a lunch spot by the pool, however they had no coffee at all and when we went for lunch, they did not have half the items on the menu. We did find something to order but upon being served, were immediately accosted by flies. They were so bad that we immediately wrapped our sandwiches and retreated to the safety of TOGETHER.

20180529_132455Treasure does have a cute,  funky,  beachfront bar. We stopped there for lunch our first day, had a great meal and had the sweetest middle-aged Bahamian woman for a waitress. Everything around us made us feel as though we were in paradise. Just look at the photos. Unfortunately, being endeared to their beachfront establishment was short lived, as the next day we actually gave up waiting for someone to ask us if we wanted something to drink!

Treasure Cay was our last stop in the Bahamas before returning to the U.S. Since we would be making a 375-nautical mile overnight passage, I made sure to review everything I felt to be mission-critical. I opened all compartments to make sure the bilges were dry, ensuring we hadn’t developed any strange leaks since the last once-over. All was good there. I also checked the engine, generator and stabilizers for any leaks and found none. While we had not taken on any fuel, I still ran both tanks through another preventive polishing of the fuel. We were set. Next stop, Cumberland Island, Georgia.

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